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This map is an interactive representation of the Revised Policies (Proposals) map, as updated for the Pre-submission Main Modifications publication version of the Silica Sand Single Issue Review (September 2016). Please click on the plus symbol on the right of the map to display the groups of designations which you can display by ticking the box next to the group.


Administrative boundaries
Norwich Policy AreaLocal Authority boundariesCounty boundary
Adopted Site Specific Allocations
Indicative buffers for allocationsConsultation area for Mineral site allocationsWaste site specific allocation
Mineral site specific allocationIndicative screening for allocationsindicative access route
Indicative access route
Environment Agency designations
Environment Agency Flood Zone 2Source Protection Zone 1Environment Agency Flood Zone 3
Felthorpe airfield safeguarding
Consultation on development over 100ftConsultation on all development
Historic Environment Designations
Historic Parks and GardensConservation AreaListed Building
Below1660Scheduled Ancient Monuments
Landscape designations
Broads Authority Executive AreaCore River ValleysNorth Norfolk Heritage Coast
AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty)
Local Environmental Designations
RIGS (Regionally Important Geological Sites)Stone Curlew mitigation zoneCWS (County Wildlife Sites)
LNR (Local Nature Reserves)Stone Curlew protection zoneAQMA (Air Quality Management Area)
MoD safeguarding
Consultation required for buildings with elavations or roofs clad or partly clad in metallic type materialsConsultation required for overhead powerlines above 100kvConsultation on all applications for a refuse tip, a reservoir, a sewage treatment works, a nature reserve, or a bird sanctuary
Consultation required for developments involving flying activities including microlight aircraft and hang-gliding sitesConsultation for building, engineering, mining, or other ops or any material changes in the use of any building or other landConsultation required for any building or works over 45.7m
Consultation required for any building or works over 10.7mConsultation required to erect a building of curtain wall construction or clad or substiantially clad in glassConsultation required for any development or change of use
Consultation required for any building or works over 91.4mConsultation required for any building or works over 15.2m
National and International Environmental Designations
NNR (National Nature Reserve)SAC (Special Area of Conservation)SSSI
RamsarAncient WoodlandSPA (Special Protection Area)
Norwich International Airport safeguarding
Consult on Proposed Developments Exceeding 90mConsult on Proposed Developments Exceeding 45mConsult on All Development
Bird Strike Consultation ZoneConsult on Proposed Developments Exceeding 15m
B class roadsDesignated Lorry Roads (Based on Principal Routes, Main Distributor Routes and HGV Access Routes)Trunk Roads
HGV access routeA class roads
Safeguarded Mineral and Waste sites
Consultation area for existing mineral infrastructureConsultation area for existing waste sitesConsultation area for key wastewater treatment sites
Existing mineral extraction sites Existing waste sites over 20,000 tpaKey wastewater treatment sites
Existing mineral infrastructureConsultation for existing mineral sites
Silica sand review designations
Proposed pre-submission Areas of searchProposed pre-submission specific site allocation (SIL01)