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Focused Changes and Addendum to Revised Sustainability Appraisal

Focused Changes and Addendum to Revised Sustainability Appraisal

A Public Hearing on the Core Strategy took place from 10 to 18 May 2011 (when it was adjourned), as part of the examination by an independent Planning Inspector. As a result of discussions before and during the Hearing, the County Council has published an Addendum to the Revised Sustainability Appraisal (which relates to policies CS1, CS2, CS3, CS5, CS10, CS13 and CS16) and a Schedule of Focused Changes (to policies CS16, CS17 and DM11).

Representations of soundness are being sought on these Core Strategy policies only, and on whether the Sustainability Appraisal overall is adequate. It is these matters only which are subject to this representations period. Any previously-made representations do not need to be repeated if they are unchanged.

After the period for making representations finishes, all representations will be passed to the Planning Inspector for his consideration during the remaining time of the examination of the Core Strategy.

The Revised Publication Core Strategy can be viewed by following the link below

Revised Publication Core Strategy (1.7MB)

View Comments (20) Addendum to Revised Sustainability Appraisal (June 2011)322KB

Revised Sustainability Appraisal (October 2010)
Main Text5.77MB
Appendix A104KB
Appendix B22KB
Appendix C72KB
Appendix D22KB
Appendix E299KB
Revised Sustainability Appraisal Non-Technical Summary179KB
View Comments (7) Addendum Proposed Focused Changes (June 2011)191KB

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